Les Bois Miata Club Membership

Tips for Driving in a Group

  1. We have found fewer people get lost out of the group if both the leader and last car (the shepherd) know
    the way and coordinate together to keep everyone together.
  2. A CB radio can be very useful on drives with many cars.
  3. If you do need the group to stop and have no radio, let the other drivers know by either holding up a fist
    if your top is down or flashing your lights. If that hasn't gotten the lead car's attention when you are at
    the place to stop, turn your turn signal on for some distance before and go ahead and turn in. Someone
    should see you and the group will stop. If you notice a car signaling to make a stop, pass on the signal to
    the lead car.
  4. If you do get lost from the group and have no radio to contact the others, return to the last place you were
    together with them or if you know where they are going, go on ahead.
  5. Drive in the position you are comfortable for everyone's peace of mind: Faster drivers near the front; those
    more comfortable going slower, toward the rear.
  6. Allow the leader to see the last car after a turn or traffic light so he/she is sure everyone is together. The
    leader and last car need to drive close to the centerline, all others drive close to the shoulder line.
  7. "Drop crumbs" so those behind know where to turn - If the group has made a turn and the car behind you
    will not see you and the others turning, wait for them to see you make the turn.
  8. "Caterpillar" to pull into traffic together - The last car pulls out to hold the place in traffic and the rest of the
    group pulls out together. It is also helpful for the last cars to hold a place for the others to get over to
    another lane on the freeway or on other multi-lane streets.
  9. If you decide to leave the group, indicate to someone you are leaving by a wave or tell someone at a stop,
    so the others will not wonder if you are lost.