For Sale in Texas
2005 MX-5 MSM (77700 miles)

Owner: Richard Bittner
Phone: 817-232-0070

Price: $12,500.
VIN is: JM1NB354150412481.
The car is 1 of 394 Lava Oranges cars ever produced. Only 1428 MSM’s were
produced in the 2005 model year. It was build #563 of 1428 on 9/28/2004 before
the plant burned down.
I have kept the car garaged and covered when I’m not driving it. It is all original
with the exception of the Hard Dog roll bars that were on it when I bought it. It
has a K&N air filter, new wheels (the Racing Hart wheels were too soft for the
roads here.) The timing belt was replaced @60K, driveshaft was replaced for bad
U-joints. Perrelli tires are in good condition. Never drove it in rain or bad weather.
Top is in good shape as are all the seals. All original accessories including manual,
donut, jack etc..

For Sale in Idaho
NB/NA Removable Hard Top, $2250
Mica Merlot color, 1995 special edition color
Includes, Top, cover, and cart

Craig McAllister, 208-861-9208

For Sale in Idaho
2001 British Racing Green, Special Edition, Soft Top
Milage 44,500   asking $12,900
Contact Pug,